Super Colt 36

Based on one of the most fun MSX Spanish games, the idea was to create a new version of the classic with many improvements (game modes, bonus stages, enhanced graphics and sound).

The original gameplay is quite simple: Controlling a focus, we must kill all the baddies appear through the windows, doors, etc …
If enemies are not in our range of action, the Sheriff’s face points to where they are.

We decided to respect the original control, everything is controlled via keyboard or joystick, because if we use the mouse, it becomes all too easy … but we thought a «special» game mode for the mouse, with dodgy enemies …

Super Colt 36, was the first joint production of Coptron Game Studios Remakes and Computer Emuzone, with great graphics from Kendrook, that in the end, only a draw us a few graphics.

Here are some screens, and the first beta

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