Megafenix Reloaded

From its ashes, the deadliest alien race is back … and has been evolved!.
Take your powerful ship!, we are the last hope of the human race, do not disappoint them!.

Travels ten space sectors, disintegrating all space birds, take the «power ups» for energy recovery and take better weapons, but beware … not all «power ups» are good …


Select the method you wish to control the ship in the selection screen.
Press «1» or «2» to begin the game with the first or second player, or both simultaneously. You have 5 credits for reaching the end of game, good luck!.


Version 1.5
– Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash in certain configurations.
– Enabled options menu.
– Added new effects in the enemies scanner.
– The mothership shoots, and how!.
– Including a user manual with power-ups explained.
– New installer for the game.

Downloads (Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista)
Megafénix Reloaded (1376 descargas)

Program: Coptroner
Graphics: Julian Callens & Coptroner
Sound: The Punisher
Music: Azul y Negro



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