King Solomon´s Treasures: Starring Allan Quatermain

England: 1885

After returning from King Solomon’s Mines, loaded with treasures and diamonds, the explorer Alan Quatermain is approached by the U.S. «Secret Service Division» to return to the mines in search of the secrets of Israeli king, sought by a secret society of dark ends called «the Sons of Solomon.»

Convinced by the SSD of the importance of the mission, the adventurer sailed to Africa in a thrilling and dangerous journey that will take halfway around the world in search of the mysterious treasures of Solomon.

The Game:
As you could guess, this is an adventure game, with the taste of the classics, mixing stages of exploration with platform, and some puzzles.
The main character is inspired by the legendary protagonist of the book «King Solomon’s Mines» by H. Rider Haggard, perhaps, the first adventure in the history of world literature.

Enjoy the first sketches … 


A couple of animations …

Alan Corriendo

Unfortunately, our inexperience made us start with a game too ambitious for a first project. The months and the money expend, with  no tangible results.
In the end, almost two years after starting, we were able to shape a playable demo, which you can download on this page.In this extensive gallery of screens, you can see the evolution of the game, from the first backgrounds, created by Lord Fred, to the amazing scenarios of Julian Callens, combined with incredible animations Victor Carbajal.
Trailer de Lanzamiento
King Solomon's Treasures Demo 1 (792 descargas)

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