Goody The Remake (Il Ladro)

Here is the most famous burglar OPERA SOFT with so many good times we have passed trying to reach the booty of the vault.
In this recreation we wanted to keep all the «feeling» of the original and contribute our part in both the graphics and in gameplay.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we have done with this adventure, which have devoted much love in its realization.

Short Story

Goody is a Spanish common burglar, with uncommon objectives; he wants to rob the “Banco de España”, the most important bank of Spain, with millions of euros stored in his vault.

To acomplish the “Heist of the Century”, Goody needs the appropriate tools to open the bank’s vault, but Goody has no money to buy the tools, so he needs to steal it from the people.

The Game

Originally from Opera Soft, Goody is one of the funniest games of the golden age of Spanish software. It’s an adventure with great sense of humour and very good gameplay.

Your brain and your bricks (yeah bricks!!), are your weapons. The years Goody spent in the construction business made him an expert “brick launcher”. Besides, Goody carries a ladder to reach higher places, and a “master remote control” to control all the city’s elevators. Goody can take with him no more than four tools to throw down the walls in his way to “Banco de España”.

The city is divided in four zones; Goody´s hideout, the general store in which Goody buys the tools with the money collected; the construction zone, the jail, where Goody is imprisoned if he uses the tools in the wrong order, a haunted mansion full of ghosts and books, the madrilean “El Retiro Park” the best place to take a boat trip, the sewers and the Bank.

To go across the zones, the best way is the Metro, connecting directly the zones of the city, and the sewers, easier than the city surface, with a secret doorway to the bank that you’re bet to find.

Your Weapons

Your brain and your bricks (yeah bricks!!), are your weapons. The years that Goody spent in the construction business made him an expert “brick launcher”.



Each of this canisters, have one number of the bank combination, collect it all!.


Good for soul, good for restoring energy lost!

The Tools

Essential to heist the bank, used in the correct order open all the security doors.

Controls (These keys can be defined in the options )

Up: (jumps or go up in the ladders)
Down: Go down the ladders or stop the elevator when you are on it
Left: Go Left
Right: Go Right
Fire: Fire bricks (hold down the key to regulate the brick trust)
Enter: Use ladder, enter again to pick up the ladder.
Enter + Left or Right: Select Tool to use.


The Metro
Jump on it to access all the zones of the city.

The Warehouse
In the warehouse, move the hand to select the tool that you want to buy and press fire to buy.

The Bank
In the money chamber, go to the door, and when the hand appears (near the ticket window) select the current combination number, and when all the numbers are set, press enter, if the combination is right, the chamber door opens, if not, the alarm sounds, alerting the police and send Goody to the jail (we have two attempts open the safe).

The Jail
If you have the correct tool, Goody has the opportunity to escape the Jail. Once you open the door, you have to avoid the police jumping, because you don’t have the Brick.

Some enemies…
Charly “El Bardeos“: A common burglar, He tries to steal you money, run if you find him!!!!
Gorilla: He wants to “shake” you.
Pretty Woman: Her kisses are stunning, avoid them, or freeze!!!..
La Señora Maria: She wants to clean everything, avoid the dust of his broom.

Thanks to PIXEL, (Pablo Navarro Reyes) We have Goody for Linux!.
For instaling on Ubuntu , just open a terminal window and type:
sudo apt-get install goody
Once installed, play typing «goody» form the terminal window:
By the way, if anyone wants to convert Goody to another OS, simply ask and we will provide the source code.Goody The Remake, is maked using Fenix and then ported to Bennu in the latest versions, so any conversion to any operating system with a running version of Fenix or Bennu, is fairly easy.

Créditos de Goody:
Programing, aditional graphics and sound: José Javier Cárceles
Graphics: David González Armesto
Music and outro: Alex Belencoso
Few sound effects: Raúl Montón

Pulsa para descargar la versión 1.5 Linux/Debian


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