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En plena «explosión de fama» de Goody, de repente, y tras una serie de conversaciones con Maikel, dibujante y director del semanario de humor «El Jueves», nos pusimos a trabajar en lo que sería un primer proyecto inspirada en los personajes de la revista.
Cómo no podía ser de otra manera, y después de barajar varias ideas (que también les presentamos a ellos), como un juego de olimpiadas celestiales con «Dios Mío», el proyecto más lógico parecía un juego inspirado en Makinavaja.

Nos pusimos manos a la obra, y empezamos a trabajar en una aventura gráfica con el personaje de Ivà como protagonista.
La idea era hacer un juego al estilo de las aventuras de ocho bits, pero con gráficos que parecieran sacados de las páginas del cómic y nuestra grafista Pedro dibujó unos decorados y gráficos que quitaban el hipo.

Presentamos un CD con una demo en la que se podían pasar dos pantallas y realizar algunas acciones con el Maki, todo ello acompañado con unos pocos (pero muy cachondos) efectos de sonido.

¿Os apetece probar la demo?, ¡pues no se a que esperáis a descargar el CD!.

Makinavaja Concept Demo (Windows XP) (1096 descargas)

Welcome to our new Website!!

After having our web broken, outdated and closed. It was time to get our act together and offer a decent website.

Here you will find everything related to our games, downloads, displays, anecdotes about development ..Everything!.

We will have updating information and downloads for the games that were left in the pipeline, for your enjoyment and suffering.

And that’s all .. Enjoy, and for anything, we are in our Forum or on Facebook.

Be Retro!. 

¡¡Bienvenidos a nuestra nueva web!!

Después de tener nuestra web estropeada, desactualizada y cerrada. Ya era hora de ponernos las pilas y ofreceros una web cómo Dios manda.

Aquí, encontrareis todo lo relacionado con nuestros juegos, con descargas, pantallas, anécdotas de desarrollo.. ¡absolutamente todo!!!.

Iremos cargando información y alguna descarga de los juegos que se quedaron en el tintero, para vuestro disfrute y sufrimiento.

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Goody The Remake (Il Ladro)

Here is the most famous burglar OPERA SOFT with so many good times we have passed trying to reach the booty of the vault.
In this recreation we wanted to keep all the «feeling» of the original and contribute our part in both the graphics and in gameplay.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we have done with this adventure, which have devoted much love in its realization.

Seguir leyendo Goody The Remake (Il Ladro)

King Solomon´s Treasures: Starring Allan Quatermain

England: 1885

After returning from King Solomon’s Mines, loaded with treasures and diamonds, the explorer Alan Quatermain is approached by the U.S. «Secret Service Division» to return to the mines in search of the secrets of Israeli king, sought by a secret society of dark ends called «the Sons of Solomon.»

Convinced by the SSD of the importance of the mission, the adventurer sailed to Africa in a thrilling and dangerous journey that will take halfway around the world in search of the mysterious treasures of Solomon.

The Game:
As you could guess, this is an adventure game, with the taste of the classics, mixing stages of exploration with platform, and some puzzles.
The main character is inspired by the legendary protagonist of the book «King Solomon’s Mines» by H. Rider Haggard, perhaps, the first adventure in the history of world literature.

Enjoy the first sketches … 


A couple of animations …

Alan Corriendo

Unfortunately, our inexperience made us start with a game too ambitious for a first project. The months and the money expend, with  no tangible results.
In the end, almost two years after starting, we were able to shape a playable demo, which you can download on this page.In this extensive gallery of screens, you can see the evolution of the game, from the first backgrounds, created by Lord Fred, to the amazing scenarios of Julian Callens, combined with incredible animations Victor Carbajal.
Trailer de Lanzamiento
King Solomon's Treasures Demo 1 (792 descargas)

Super Colt 36

Based on one of the most fun MSX Spanish games, the idea was to create a new version of the classic with many improvements (game modes, bonus stages, enhanced graphics and sound).

The original gameplay is quite simple: Controlling a focus, we must kill all the baddies appear through the windows, doors, etc …
If enemies are not in our range of action, the Sheriff’s face points to where they are.

We decided to respect the original control, everything is controlled via keyboard or joystick, because if we use the mouse, it becomes all too easy … but we thought a «special» game mode for the mouse, with dodgy enemies …

Super Colt 36, was the first joint production of Coptron Game Studios Remakes and Computer Emuzone, with great graphics from Kendrook, that in the end, only a draw us a few graphics.

Here are some screens, and the first beta

Megafenix Reloaded

From its ashes, the deadliest alien race is back … and has been evolved!.
Take your powerful ship!, we are the last hope of the human race, do not disappoint them!.

Travels ten space sectors, disintegrating all space birds, take the «power ups» for energy recovery and take better weapons, but beware … not all «power ups» are good …


Select the method you wish to control the ship in the selection screen.
Press «1» or «2» to begin the game with the first or second player, or both simultaneously. You have 5 credits for reaching the end of game, good luck!.


Version 1.5
– Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash in certain configurations.
– Enabled options menu.
– Added new effects in the enemies scanner.
– The mothership shoots, and how!.
– Including a user manual with power-ups explained.
– New installer for the game.

Downloads (Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista)
Megafénix Reloaded (1376 descargas)

Program: Coptroner
Graphics: Julian Callens & Coptroner
Sound: The Punisher
Music: Azul y Negro



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