Ancient Blocks



Atalanta!, before grant your immortality, I entrust a mission from which depends the future of the Gods.

The evil forces led by the cursed son of Thetis,  Calibos, stolen Micea Rod, a device that allows us to communicate and inspire humans. without it, mankind will lose faith in their gods, and without faith, we disappear.

You must get that stick at all costs, but will not be easy, as the evil forces are constantly moving and they wish to leave the rod in another era, beyond that the gods know.

To stop Calibos and his hordes, use the Sphere of Time, which will project wherever you detect the presence of the rod.
To activate the Sphere you need to fill it with mystical energy contained in the «Blocks of the Ancestors».

Once you have filled the Sphere,  a Time Vortex guide You where the rod is, but watch out!, the forces of evil will not make the mission easier, they control the Kronos stone, allowing them to accelerate time to make things more more difficult.

Atalanta, help us and I will give you immortality, and you can sit at my right hand  Wthat are you wating for!.

After the lack of time, money and designers, Javier and I decided to face a far more modest and «casual» project , for which we did not need anything but our talent and desire to work.
Javier, came up with a puzzle idea, which really gives a «turn to rock «to the typical «Match 3» game.

Upon completion of the basic mechanics, the idea was to give the game interactive and physical scenarios that will affect they behave of the boulders, depending on the place or area where they are located. Good ideas, I think. But again the lack of time and my partner’s girlfriend push to make something instead programing games, did not allow the project going forward.

Because we want you to try and for at least ten minutes to lose, here’s a first demo,  enjoy it!.

Ancient Blocks Gameplay Demo (428 descargas)

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